Loan To Income multiples for high earners has been raised by Barclays

Barclays has raised its loan to income (LTI) multiples up to 5.5 for high earner borrowers with immediate effect.


Barclays will offer the increase criteria in cases where one applicant has a gross income of £75,000 or where there is joint income of £100,000.

The maximum loan to value (LTV) at this level is 80% and the mortgage has to be on capital repayment.

The loan to interest (LTI) Interest-only or part and part mortgages for high earners is capped at 5, for most other applicants there is a cap of 4.49.

It comes as other lenders have loosened criteria around loan to interest (LTI) multiples, with Accord last month raising the cap for high earners, while Platform this week launched professional mortgages with higher loan to interests (LTI).

Critics said the changes are a display of increased lender confidence.

Dean Esnard, director of London-based mortgage broker Magni Finance, said: “It is a hugely positive sign that one of the UK’s largest lenders is reintroducing higher income multiples.

“It brings much-needed choice for buyers who have found it increasingly challenging to secure a mortgage during the pandemic. This move clearly shows there is growing confidence in the market and should give other banks a major confidence boost to follow suit.”