BREAKING NEWS – United Trust Bank launches first-time buyer range

United Trust Bank has just launched a range of residential mortgage products for first-time buyers.

These products will be available across two, three and five-year terms with rates from 3.80% up to 80% loan to value (LTV).

With the maximum loan size being £500,000 and on a minimum property value of £100,000.

The lender will require a minimum income of £25,000 and offers a maximum loan to income (LTI) of 4.50.

The range is available for gifted deposit, gifted equity and purchase at undervalue.

“This is yet another step towards United Trust Bank offering a full suite of specialist mortgage products catering for customers requiring a bespoke underwriting approach rather than the sausage-factory attitude of more generic credit-score based high-street lenders. Brokers are increasingly discovering why United Trust Bank is a becoming a lender they should consider for cases needing more flexibility and common sense underwriting than mainstream lenders can deliver.

“We’ve supported brokers throughout the pandemic and their feedback on the development of our product range and technology led service has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re looking forward to another busy year and more exciting changes to come”, commented Buster Tolfree, commercial mortgages director at, United Trust Bank.