Probate and Estate Planning

The right decisions now will protect you and your wealth, help and benefit those you love and give you peace of mind

Our Executor and Probate service

An Executor is responsible for administering the estate and distributing the assets in accordance with the Will. Sometimes a loved one may die without having left a Will, however, their estate must still be dealt with according to the Law.

To ensure that your wishes and those of your loved ones are adhered to and in accordance with the rules and laws of probate, it is standard and a worthwhile practice to appoint a professional and experienced firm.

Here at Home Owners Advice, we are proud to lead the way in caring and responsible probate and estate planning. We provide an incomparable and cost-effective service where we will administer the estate from start to finish for a fixed fee. Our fees really do provide affordable peace of mind.

Our probate service and prices

We simply offer an affordable fixed price*, no matter how complex an estate may be, providing you and your family with complete peace of mind. Wherever you are in the UK, we will provide a free no-obligation home visit where one of our highly qualified and experienced team members will give you all the advice and support you need. Our Probate Executive will be able to assess the estate and provide you and your family with clarity on the tasks involved and a written fixed price for Home Owners Advice to administer the estate.

*Is subject to all information being submitted to the company before a quote is made. Additional charges may apply where further work is required.